tagTranssexuais & TravestisThis is to test the new story title

This is to test the new story title


1.Login with the user.
2.The '+' symbol after the My works title has a small cut in the curve, not showing full circle in both landscape and potrait mode.

Click new story
3.select a file from the device
4.if the file is long the remove button is not displayed properly in potrait mode, Lanscape it is working fine.

The Category section list box is showing at the edge of the screen in potrait mode, Landscape no issues

My works
3.Goto Poems
4.Select Return back
5. In Potrait mode the error messages are not displayed properly, Landscape it is working fine.

3. select a pciture for the profile
4. donot save goto to options and click save changes.
5.Goto home page and click profile option, the pciture is still exists.

Stories and click drafts
4. In Potrait mode the items which are not wrapping is not displayed with edit,settings and add icons.

text is not wrapping for the list of Poems.

4.The icons displayed under poem submission are not similar to Stories and Artwork

the user edit profile.
3.Fill all the mandatory fileds.
4.Click Save Changes.
5.Error displayed in the last
6.Goto Options
7.Again come back to profile.
8.Success message still appears instead it should clear

Add junk text in the website filed, ICQ# and AOL IM.
4.Error displayed from top to bottom approach not all at once.

Click the Corp Avatar icon
4.select camera take picture and try to resize, In landscape the picture is not adjusting, potrait it looks fine.

Try to select the item from the Pets, none is selected instead it should select any one item and keyboard opens.(landscape and potrait)

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