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Esta página mostra a lista de contos e/ou poemas, que este autor já publicou em Literotica.

2015 Literotica Reader's Choice Awards Winners (4.28)The best of 2015 - as chosen by you, the reader! Revisões & Ensaios 05/02/16
2016 Literotica Reader's Choice Awards Winners (4.39)The best of 2016 - as chosen by you, the reader! Sexo Grupal 10/05/17
Click Here For Language List (x.xx)Links to stories in languages other than English. Não-Inglês 11/14/04
Coming Soon: The "In a Sunburned Country" Story Event (x.xx)Open to all: an Aussie-themed writing event!  Hot Romances e Novelas 11/01/18
Coming Soon: The Magical Mystery Tour! (4.77)Mark your calendar for this themed author event!  Hot Incesto/Tabú 03/16/18
Happy 20th Anniversary, Literotica! (x.xx)On this day in 1998, went online.  Hot Maduro 11/21/18
Legend's Day II: 2 Part Series
Legend's Day II: The Return (x.xx)Readers: July 4th will be a special treat for you!  Hot Esposas afetuosas 06/28/17
Legend's Day II: The Return Story List (x.xx)Read all the Legend's Day stories. Happy 4th!  Hot Esposas afetuosas 07/04/17
Literotica Geek Pride Story Event List (3.97)All the Geek Pride event stories for your reading enjoyment! Ficção Científica & Fantasia 05/28/18
Literotica Writers Go West: Coming Nov. 23rd! (x.xx)Mark your calendar - 30 new Western stories from popular Lit authors!  Hot Exibicionista & Voyeur 11/22/17
Literotica Writers Go West: Full Story List (4.79)Read all the Western event stories. Happy Turkey Day!  Hot Casais Eróticos 11/23/17
Magical Mystery Tour 01: Story List (4.76)Read all the Magical Mystery Tour event stories!  Hot Esposas afetuosas 03/17/18
March 17th is Legends' Day! (4.76)Literotica LW legends come together with brand new tales!  Hot Esposas afetuosas 03/17/17
New Literotica Tags Portal Live - Please Share Your Opinion (4.25)We want your feedback on the future of Lit! Incesto/Tabú 01/12/18
Nobilis Erotica Speculative Fiction Podcast (4.64)Literotica now supporting long-running erotica podcast.  Hot Ficção Científica & Fantasia 01/06/19
Sharing is Caring: A Literotica Special Event (4.12)Enjoy these sharing-themed tales from your favorite authors! Esposas afetuosas 12/03/18
Siren's Song: The Voice of Many Waters (4.73)Readers: bookmark this star-studded special story event on July 4th!  Hot Esposas afetuosas 07/02/18
Siren's Song: The Voice of Many Waters - Full Story List (4.55)Read all the themed stories here!  Hot Incesto/Tabú 07/08/18
Speculative Fiction Podcast Seeking Erotic Text Stories (4.60)Nobilis Erotica Podcast is looking for submissions.  New Ficção Científica & Fantasia 01/18/19
Story Tags (x.xx)The right words & phrases can help you gain readership. Como 01/02/06
The "In a Sunburned Country" Story Event (4.05)Read & enjoy: an Aussie-themed collection of exclusive-to-Lit stories. Romances e Novelas 11/06/18
The 19th Annual Literotica Reader's Choice Awards: Special Cat Round (x.xx)Deadine Extended! Nominate your 2017 faves in 8 special categories! Sexo Grupal 06/27/18
The 2019 Literotica Valentine's Day Contest (x.xx)Read the V-Day tales! Enter your story for fame, fun, & a chance at $$$!  New Maduro 01/21/19
The 750 Word Project: Coming Soon! (x.xx)Open to all! Can you write a complete tales in exactly 750 words?  New Maduro 01/21/19
The Literotica Annual April Fools Day Story Contest! (x.xx)Enjoy the hot reads in this fun themed contest. Humor & Sátira 03/16/18
The Literotica Annual Halloween Story Contest! (x.xx)The contest is now closed, but you can still read and vote! Maduro 10/25/18
The Literotica Annual Nude Day Story Contest! (4.15)Read the sexy themed stories! Submit your tale for fun, fame, & a chance at $$$! Incesto/Tabú 07/03/18
The Literotica Annual Summer Lovin' Story Contest! (4.34)Read the fun stories! Submit your tale for fun, fame, & a chance at $$$! Esposas afetuosas 09/03/18
The Literotica Annual Valentine's Day Contest! (x.xx)Congratulations to the winners!! Romance 02/14/18
The Literotica Annual Winter Holidays Story Contest! (x.xx)Read the wintry stories! Submit your tale for fun, fame, & a chance at $$$! BDSM 12/03/18
The Literotica Geek Pride Story Event (x.xx)Deadline is this Thursday! Open to all: a geek-themed writing event! Ficção Científica & Fantasia 05/22/18
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